Dynamic page queries with YQL in YahooPipes

This tutorial will show you how to query multiple pages with YQL. For example query the webpage of every news item in your RSS feed to gain extra information.

My example is going to query the tek-9 RSS feed to find out how many comments were made on each item.

1. Select the fetch feed module and enter the feed of your choice.


2. Select the “loop operator” and place the “string builder” into it

3. In the first box type the following
select * from html where url=’

3. In the second box

4. In the third box
‘ and xpath=’/html/body/div[5]/div[2]/div/h2′

Note (make sure the Xpath matches the query you are looking for). Please refer back to the earlier YQL tutorials if you get lost here

5. Assign results to item.field
(in my case, item.comments)

6. Add another Loop module

7. Place the YQL module into the loop module

8. In the body of the loop module type in the item created. (in my case “item.comments”)

9. Assign “all” to item.comments

10. This will run through every item on your RSS feed. Enjoy

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